Wilshamstead Parish Council | News Insert

Wilshamstead Parish Council | News Insert | April 2018

Published in the Homewatch Magazine


The Parish Council would like to thank Mr Nigel Farr of Bedford Road for his loyal service for over 25 years with litter picking in the village.  Many residents know Nigel and often see him about the village, he will be missed and the Council are very grateful for his continued commitment to the village for all those years.

The Parish Council are looking into future alternative options regarding litter picking.


The Parish Council have received the full planning application for the site at land off Whitworth Way for 70 dwellings, the application number is 18/00551/MAF and more details can be found on the Borough Council website.

The Parish Council have been informed that the appeal against the refusal for up to 250 houses on land off Duck End has now been withdrawn.

The Council at writing have no further update on the progress of the Village Farm outline application.

The Parish Council submitted a detailed and thorough response to the Local Plan 2035 consultation, again highlighting the unsuitability of Wilstead to have any large development as identified in the previous issue of the Plan and supporting the current Plan being consulted on. This showed no large developments in the village (the Whitworth Way development having got outline planning permission is not included in the Plan).  The Parish Council would like to thank all residents who engaged in this consultation process .


The Parish Council were pleased to hear from the Police that the turnout at this event was twice what the Police usually see.  They have sent a helpful feedback report from the activities they undertook on the day of the event, which is detailed in this edition of the Homewatch.

The Parish Council continue to have regular communications with PC Norris and PCSO Goodrum regarding various Police matters.  In addition, Councillor Graeme Dinner will be attending the next police priority setting meeting on behalf of the parish on 16th May.


The Parish Council are aware of the forthcoming changes surrounding data protection laws, which come into effect on 25th May.  The Parish Council have ensured they are aware of the new expectations that are set out in the new legislation, Cllr. Nigel Jacobs recently attended a specific council focused training session on this matter.  The Parish Council are in the process of appointing a Data Protection Officer and collating an action plan on this important item.


Would you like to help the village be a better place? The Parish Council still have two vacancies at present and would like to hear from interested individuals who want to support the village.  If you think this sounds like you, then please submit in writing some summary information about why you would like to be Councillor and what skills you can bring.  This can be sent to the Clerk at wilsteadpc@btinernet.com


At the time of writing most of the street lights in the village had changed from Sodium (yellow) lights to LEDs. It is anticipated that the remaining Borough lights will be updated soon. The change is not only driven by cheaper running costs but also the decreasing availability of the Sodium bulbs.

The Parish Council would be interested in residents’ views on the new lights. Favourable as well as any particular problems.

The Parish Council also owns some street lights and are trying to get those lights which used to be outside the 30mph zone on the main roads, but with the extension of this zone a few years back are now within it, adopted by the Borough who own the other lights on these roads.


The best way to contact the Council is on 01234 743152 or by visiting Lizzie, the Clerk in the Parish Office, which is open every Tuesday, 9am until midday.   The Clerk can also be contacted via email on  wilsteadpc@btinternet.com

Parish Council meeting minutes are available on the village website, along with the full Council contact list. Council meeting agendas will also be available on the website the week prior to each meeting. 

The next Parish Council meetings are Monday 21st May and Monday 18th June in the Village Hall (small hall) at 7.30pm.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and raise any matters during the Open Forum section of the meeting.  Any recent planning applications received by the Parish Council will be available to view from 7pm.

Also if you wish to discuss an issue then please contact the Clerk to make an appointment with a Councillor who will be more than happy to meet you at a convenient time to talk through the matter.

Lizzie Barnicoat

Clerk to the Parish Council